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DPRG Mission Statement

DPRG's mission is two-fold: to advance research in the area of the paranormal, and to help the surrounding community in dealing with hauntings.  We can help get to the bottom of strange phenomenon, whether that be finding a natural explanation or helping you deal with the unknown. DPRG can help.

I am director of DPRG, but I'm also a person who has had frightening phenomenon occur in my own home. (See the article Home Invasion to the right)  I know firsthand, how really unnerving it is to wonder who is watching, to feel you're fighting for your privacy or to question your own sanity. It is extremely empowering finding someone who will take you seriously and help you find a solution.

DPRG makes this promise. We will listen to your claims objectively. If warranted, we will do an investigation of the premises. Finally we will offer our advice, based on our findings and our expertise. We try to provide a skeptical, unbiased approach.  DPRG can help.

Robin S., Director
Home Invasion

by Robin M. Strom-Mackey

... Recently I found out, quite unequivocally, that it really isn’t much fun to live in a house with paranormal activity.

My son and I were alone in the house as my husband was away on business. Any single mother can tell you that staying by yourself with a small child, or children, in the home is an unsettling experience in and of itself. There are enough explainable but frightening dangers with which to contend. Burglars, rapists, thieves who knows who might break in to hurt you or your family as you lie groggily asleep?

The Dark Man

In literature they speak of archetypes. Archetypes are personalities that show up again and again in the legends and verbal histories of a culture. They encompass the most basic fears, hopes and desires of a people. The enthralling aspect about the theory of archetypes - whether the legends are from Russia, Africa, Asia, Europe or North America – is the similarity of experience across the human spectrum. Symbolized by a fox in one culture or a mongoose in another, the basic characters represent the same human desires or fears. And living alone, what I feared most, was the dark man, that nameless quantity, that dark shape in the night....

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