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Delaware Paranormal Research Group
DPRG serving central & lower Delaware and surrounding areas

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Delaware Paranormal Research Group
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DPRG Mission Statement

DPRG is dedicated to using scientific methods to collect empirical evidence to either support or refute paranormal activity at a location.  I'm not only an investigator, but a homeowner who has experienced unexplainable activity in her own home.  I've tried to build a team that is calm, compassionate and unbiased.  Knowledge is power, and it’s empowering for people to know whether they are experiencing something with a natural explanation or something in the paranormal realm. Homeowners have so often expressed the opinion that, “they’re just happy to know they’re not crazy,”  and relief that someone took them seriously. 

Personally, I see the job of our investigators  as being like that of a naturalist. Naturalists attempt to observe without bias, collect data, draw correlations and arrive at conclusions that are based on the all the information they have at hand.

To that end, DPRG promises to:

1.Listen to your claims of activity in a non-judgmental manner, and offer advice from our prior knowledge and experience. Not all situations warrant a full investigation, and often situations can be solved with an email or phone call.

2.If the situation requires escalation, we can do a partial or full investigation of the domicile/building. We will collect data from various electronic devices, and careful observation.  We will be looking for answers based first in the natural world, and then in the paranormal. 

3.We will carefully analyze the data and compare the evidence with our own experiences to draw conclusions.  

4.We will present the evidence to you, along with our theory as to what is occurring. 

5.Being scientifically bound, DPRG does not perform house cleansings, blessings or smudging. We do not, “send things into the light.”  However, we can offer suggestions or issue referrals should the situation warrant. 

Robin S., Director
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First book out in October, 2017

"Anatomy of a Ghost"  is a careful dissection of many aspects of the paranormal, from ghosts and hauntings, to man-made ghosts and experiments in psycho-kinesis. 

It covers other aspects of the human experience such as After Death Communications and Near Death Experiences. The odd shadow Man experiences are covered as well as angels and demons. Sprinkled liberally throughout are the stories of  those that have had the fortune (or misfortune) of having experienced the paranormal in their own lives.  

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Quoted in the 2016 book The Unseen, the director of DPRG discusses the belief that many visual paranormal phenomena occurs in the infrared spectrum, just below the actual visual spectrum. 

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Established in 2010
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