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Investigation Request Form

Requesting a formal investigation? Please print and fill out this form. It becomes part of the permanent investigation record, providing excellent information that will allow us to determine the type and number of occurrences. 
Log Sheet

It is invaluable for the property owner and the investigators to log recent events as they happen. Unfortunately, memory of past events is always questionable. But logging current events when they happen, and under the conditions in which they happen allows us to see where patterns may be emerging, and thus schedule an investigation around those parameters.  back to top
Investigation Requests

Please print the two documents here.

First Name

Last Name

Email address

Street Address


State       Zip 

Home Number 

Cell Number

Have you ever been convicted of a crime? 

If yes, please specify what crime and when you were convicted. Please note, having a criminal record does not forfeit your chances for membership. 

Do you have any health concerns or allergies that could put you at risk during an investigation? 

If yes, please specify

When are you available to work with the group? (DPRG does investigations primarily on the weekends. Evidence review, however, can be done on your own time.)

Do you have the financial means to purchase your own equipment? Do you already own any equipment? 

DPRG works in middle and lower Delaware. Members do have to have transportation to and from investigations and meetings, though we do make every effort at carpooling whenever possible.

Do you won and operate your own car?  

Please specify:

Any Pertinent Religious beliefs or expectations? 

If so please specify: (DPRG does not do home blessings, exorcisms or send things "into the light ")

What special talents / experience do you have that you feel would be an asset to the group?

What do you hope to accomplish or gain by investigating the paranormal? Why are you interested in pursuing this field of interest?

Membership Application
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Looking to be an Investigator?

We are currently seeking individuals that meet the criteria  below:

  • Must have availability on weekend days/evenings.
  • Must be a team player. Investigating involves many hours of tedious analysis and work, All team members need to be willing to participate.
  • Must be open-minded and analyitical.  We prefer people who are skeptical; they ask the difficult questions and find alternative answers. 
  • DPRG is based in/around the Dover area. Thus we prefer candidates from Kent or Sussex County.  Must have a reliable source of transportation, though we do make efforts at carpooling. 
  • Members must purchase their own equipment kit. 

  • We are looking for a candidate who has a technical background. Do you love tinkering with electronics? We'd love to speak with you.
  • Also seeking someone with a research and/or writing background.  Someone who has the time and inclination to dig into public records or perform some research functions is encouraged to apply.
  • Good with people and closing deals?  Please apply.

Mediums or Sensitives

DPRG is not seeking Mediums/sensitives at this time. 

Open, print and complete application below or complete online application
 link to online application  

You can open this form, fill it out and email it or send it back if you like. 
Local Delaware artist Bubble Hermit created our new phantom-ess.  Check out her other creations on
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