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Maya Paveza
Real Estate Guru

Maya is a realtor and associate broker in Delaware. Her interest in the paranormal began as a child when  she was a voracious reader of all things paranormal.   Her favorite book was Audrey Rose; her favorite topic anyting to do with the Titanic.  Her approach to paranormal investigations is as a skeptic, despite having experienced many unexplainable things.   She considers herself an analytical thinker, and  approaches investigations with a scientific approach.    She also loves spending time with her kids, knitting, gaming and being a social media master (you can check her out at @mayaREguru brand persona).  Originally from Palo Alto, California, she also has lived in Old Westbury, NY; Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Berkshire County, MA; and Seattle, WA before settling in Wilmington, DE. 
Robin M. Strom-Mackey,  MEd.
Director DPRG, 
Cheese Head

I've been researching, investigating and writing about the paranormal for more than a decade.  But honestly, I've always had an interest in the macabre from the time I was a youngster to the first episode of Ghost Hunters. Attempting to answer life's greatest mystery has always been my passion.   Coming soon is my first book on Ghosts Anatomy of a Ghost. However, I've been writing about various facets of the paranormal for years (  Currently I work as a medical professional, but I've also been a professor of Communications, teacher of Broadcasting and English and a broadcast journalist. I am a wife and a mother.  Currently I live in Delaware with Uther Pendoggin, Miss Scarlet and a Sugar Glider named Hiccup.
Renne Whitmore
Dedicated grandmother, 
Lover of dogs

Originally from the Pittsburgh area, I graduated from Duquesne University of Pittsburgh. Before retiring, I spent twenty-five years working for the State of Maryland in Social Services. Truly, I've always been interested in the paranormal and have had personal experiences starting when I was in the sixth grade, following the death of my grandfather.  Traveling to historic places and taking many a ghost tour fueled my curiosity of history and the paranormal. When I retired, I decided to delve deeper into the paranormal by joining an investigative group. I wanted to experience and learn in the process. I've been with D.P.R.G. for over a year now.  Aside from the paranormal, I am a lover of animals, an avid reader and a Tudor and Civil War buff. 
Renne on the battlefield of Gettysburg
DPRG at Gettysburg Paracon 2016
Robin at Haunted Pop-Up  
Historic Lewes, DE
October 2016
Maya, Brian and Renne
DPRG Summer Pool Party & Barbeque
August, 2016
Friends in Distant Places

Sometimes our esteemed colleagues move on to different locales.  But our modern technology allows them to stay connected anyway.

Investigator e·mer·i·tus

Native Delawarean, Collin relocated to Washington state for family reasons. I've been investigating with and/or associated with Collin for 10 years now. We were both members of the now defunct Delaware Ghosthunters of which Collin was the director for a stint.  Despite the distance, Collin helps the group out with evidence review and contributes his sage advice.  Collin is a nurse by trade.  He enjoys spending time with his son, and now  Collin  boasts a  a new title...husband! Congratulations and best wishes from all of us for a lifetime of happiness and peace.  You look great in a tux!

Investigator ex·tra·or·di·naire

Brian aided (and abetted) the team while on assignment to Delaware.  He hails from Texas, however, and family obligations were calling him back.  So he did what Texans do, and went big. He started his own Industrial Electrical  and Instrumentation companies, the ARCTEX Group, LLC, along with subsidiaries, ARCTEX Energy Services LLC and ARCTEX Electrical and Instrumentation LLC and went back to his family.  Aside from ghost hunting and running his own corporation, Brian enjoys fishing and deer hunting - BIG deer hunting that is. He just recently got back from a trip in New Zealand where he brought down a buck that was "mighty impressive, mam."  I like to think that Brian went home to start the Texas chapter of DPRG. The D for Delaware may have to go, but TP (toilet paper) RG may not work either. 
Established in 2010
Brian hunting in New Zealand,
March, 2017
  Middletown investigation 
 January,   2017

Dog Lover

I grew up in Silver Spring, MD and permanently moved to the Eastern Shore in early 2012. I have been having paranormal experiences since I was a small child but it was an historic home in Ellicott City that caused my obsession with the paranormal. I have been on several investigations with large groups from historic homes, a closed Prison and an Asylum. It was fascinating and I learned a lot from seasoned investigators. I have been a bookkeeper, caterer and restaurateur for over 35 years. I am now semi-retired and I can finally dedicate my time and resources to answer some questions and learn much more from D.P.R.G. 

My husband and I enjoy the beach, roller coasters and road trips. We have 5 grown children, grandchildren and 2 beautiful dogs : Pickles (a white golden retriever) and Gracie (a angelic sweet rescue).