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Delaware Paranormal Research Group
DPRG serving central & lower Delaware and surrounding areas
Established in 2010
DPRG  Gear
Phone: 267-566-6652
Anatomy of a Ghost
by Robin M. Strom Mackey

DPRG's first book is designed to be a primer to anyone interested in the paranormal field.  It's in essence a careful dissection of ghostly phenomenon from many different perspectives.

The book covers ancient ghost folklore, the Spiritualist Movement, the beginning of modern parapsychology, and modern theories on the paranormal. Beyond just spirits and ghostly phenomena, the book also covers man-made ghosts; the unexplained shadow man phenomena; near-death eperiences; after death communication; out of body experiences;  and angels and demons. 

Included in the book are many first-hand accounts by the author who has been investigating the paranormal for over a decade. From the child ghost in Pennsylvania, to a demon in Dover, the book is full of accounts by real people that have, unwittingly, come in contact with the other side.

Whether you're a paranormal investigator, or simply an avid enthusiast, this book will provide a solid base from which to begin your studies in the paranormal realm.

Available soon at Amazon and Barnes and Noble Booksellers.
Wraith T-shirt

DPRG's exclusive "Wraith"  was designed by a local Delaware artist, exclusively for DPRG. She is now available in t-shirt format.  Reproduced on a gray background our lady of the night will get you noticed anywhere you go.

Sizes run from unisex Small to 3XL

One of a kind, you really can't get these anywhere else.

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